Saint Street


Roadtripping Byron Bay

Here's the final product of the Byron Bay shoot I mentioned previously. Thanks to Holden, Giant, and Attaquer for making it happen. I very much enjoyed every stage of producing this video. 

There were a lot of discussions in preproduction with my colleagues at CyclingTips regarding the angle/direction of the video. There are thousands (probably more) of immaculately shot and beautifully scored cycling videos out there, made by people more talented and experienced than me. We wanted to make something that stood out for its narrative content, so we explored the surfing-cycling overlap embodied by Eden Saul of Dead Kooks, a friend of a friend. Eden was a very welcoming guy and happy to talk about the intersection of the two sports he loves (two sports we'd previously thought of as an uncommon combo)

Overall, I'm happy with the final product, but there's always room for improvement. Next time I'll definitely tone down the lowmo usage and aim to drop the reliance on long sections of music video. But hey when you're paid to travel and work with exceedingly nice people, you can't complain too much.