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Mountain Bike comparison content for BikeExchange

I love this kind of work.

BikeExchange recently hired Saint Street to produce a series of educational videos for their online platforms. We spent a weekend shooting mountain bikes and eMTBs in Victoria’s High Country. They were comparison pieces highlighting the subtle differences between mountain bike types, educating buyers.

It’s the kind of thing potential buyers would search for and I think it’s a very savvy thing for BikeExchange to produce.

I’m a big believer in video content that has utility for the audience beyond advertising. If executed properly, it’s win-win-win. The viewer wins because, the video provides them with something: education, entertainment, and/or an introduction to a new topic. The sponsor wins because the viewers are more engaged and more likely to share the video, leading to more exposure. And when the sponsor wins, the publisher wins.

And to be honest, Saint Street also wins because these videos are a lot of fun to put together. And lucky for us, BikeExchange are sending us back for more videos!

Malcolm BloedelComment