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Roadtripping Everest

Roadtripping Everest

Roadtripping Everest is a mini documentary about three cyclists' attempt to "Everest" Mt. Everest.

To "Everest" is to ride a bicycle up and down one hill, repeatedly, until the combined elevation gained with each lap reaches 8848m, the height of Mt. Everest. First utilized as a training exercise by Peter Hillary (son of Sir Edmund Hillary) in preparation for an attempt on Everest's summit, "Everesting" was later coined and celebrated throughout the international cycling community as an extremely challenging endurance achievement. 

Roadtripping Everest documents the first time Everesting was brought to the foothills of its namesake. With stunning visuals of Tibet's otherwordly landscape, the documentary follows the cyclists as they prepare for and eventually attempt the challenge at Mt. Everest's Tibetan base-camp. Told retrospectively through insightful interviews, accompanied by raw observational footage of the attempt, Roadtripping Everest is an exploration of the personal motivations for pushing oneself to their limits.

Commissioned by CyclingTips, with support from Specialized, Gore Apparel, and Serk Cycling, Roadtripping Everest was shot and edited by Saint Street's Malcolm Bloedel.

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All photos by Tim Bardsley-Smith